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aus_sicht 1/2

digital print 150 x 460cm, curtains
exhibit installation in the tyrolean provincial museum ferdinandeum, innsbruck,2005/06


the studio gallery on the fifth floor of the provincial museum is a windowless room with an external façade facing westward. a photo mounted on this wall shows a panorama view of innsbruck in a westward direction.
the photo was made with the help of an ascending crane on the outer wall at the height of the studio gallery.
the installation aus_sicht enables a perspective from the studio gallery not available until now.


part 2 of the project shows instead of  the immediate surroundings, a new photo at the same spot as that in part one: solothurn in switzerland ― the first large city located westwards beyond the national border as the crow flies. aus_sicht 2 depicts a panorama view of the st. urban cathedral in solothurn photographed westwards.
aus_sicht 2 thus leads the ideas of the perspective further beyond the museum, the innsbruck mountains and the national borders.